The Children’s Learning Center
at St. Paul’s School



Seasonal activities in the Nature Explore Classroom at The Children’s Learning Center at St. Paul’s School keep children connected with nature each day.

One new area has been added to the playground and two areas, the Art Area and Building Materials Area, have had new features added. Three easels were added to the Art Area. These easels were designed to allow for both artwork and weaving of natural items. The Digging/Mud Area is enclosed with logs, complete with a water spigot where children can dig soil, mix with water, and create with mud. This new area is separate and is an addition to the Sand Area and the Water Area.

A Block Building deck with a large outdoor set of wooden unit blocks and three storage bins was added to the Building Materials area. These allow for outdoor block building using natural embellishments such as sticks, pinecones, stones, and leaves. All of these additions have been wildly successful.

We continue to be most fortunate to be an employer-sponsored child development program located on the campus of a private, residential boarding high school. We have ample student volunteers completing community service hours to help maintain and enrich our playground’s natural features.