A Child’s Touch

We want children to not only experience the outdoors but to set up our natures spaces in a way that inspires creativity, encourages appropriate risks, and that builds a confidence born out of interacting with the natural elements.


Being a faith-based school, it is important for us to align our Christian curriculum with the outdoor experiences and this year we brought in the “Genesis” rock that was donated to our school. This incredibly large rock not only sets the foundation for our school but allows for new nature learning opportunities as the staff use it for role-playing, teaching, and free-play. We want to thank those special donors for making  such a meaningful new addition to our Nature Outdoor Classroom.

We also continue to thank Welby Gardens for donating the plants for all of our garden spaces. Not only do the flowers create a space full of beauty and learning, but their fruit and vegetable plants allow the children to learn by doing. They plant, care for, harvest, prepare, and eat the produce and that not only allows for engagement but also creates an interest and appreciation for healthy foods.

Whether the children are doing plein air painting, balancing on a log, doing nature weaving, or measuring worms, they are learning and having fun. In a world where technology is elevated, taking the time to “go outside” has never been more important. So when we take our classes outside, we want the experience to be one of joy as we commit to continually provided spaces and opportunities for children to interact with nature.