The Nature Explore Classroom at

ABC Great Beginnings West Valley

Something I would like to highlight about my site is our large playground with space to learn and explore. We have added centers on the playground to enrich educational learning.

In our block/building area we had a camping theme. Our children loved taking the linking logs to build a cabin and made a fire pit out of the rocks and messy materials. This gave a chance for the children to play and learn about something not all of them have experienced. In our music and movement area, the children like to find different items to put in the music area and they love to be as loud as they want while they are outside. The children also love to put on parades for the other students and teachers. This helps the children learn to have confidence and helps build character.

In our garden area, we planted tomatoes, zucchini, and flowers. The children picked and ate the tomatoes while they were fresh. At the end of summer last year, the children cut up the zucchini and we saved the seeds to plant this year, which we have already started in the classroom with our school-agers. This area helps the children learn responsibility and cause and effect. We love how our Nature Explore playground helps further the education of our children, allowing them to be able to explore the outdoors more.


3424 S. 3600 W.
West Valley, UT  84119