Alexander Central School District

During the nation’s shut down due to Covid, our outdoor classroom experienced a shutdown of its own. Even though it is an outdoor space, those who had helped us to maintain it, were reluctant to venture out. As a result, the space’s landscaping became overgrown. We’ve spent the past year and half working to get things back in shape, and are very pleased with the result.

The community was informed through our website that during the shut down the outdoor classroom was open for business, and we encouraged its use. We gave guidelines on how to safely use the space, as well as information how important it is to spend time in nature, especially during the pandemic.

Once in-person learning began in the fall of 2021, teachers used the outdoor classroom to give their students, and themselves, a chance to breathe some fresh air, even though it was through a mask. It was great to see the space being used by so many for learning and play. Kids were able to relax and enjoy their snack time outside in the outdoor classroom pavilion.

This spring we hosted our first community event since the shut down. We were proud to show
off our beautiful gardens and to open the outdoor classroom stations for families to use. It was a wonderful evening. Families were given information about our outdoor classroom’s history as well as suggestions on how they can help keep the space thriving. This fall we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of our opening. It is our hope that future generations of Alexander families will continue to care for our outdoor classroom and help it to grow. In 2023 we plan to open a new station to give students the opportunity to work with simple machines outside!