Ann W. Wickman
Child Development Center

Our Nature Playground began 14 years ago when we opened our building, as a way to introduce children to all the learning options available in Nature. Since that time, we have found new and exciting ways to add to our play area each year.

Our playground has evolved as our children’s curiosity has grown, creating new areas for adventure, exploration, and play. Children learn best through rich play experiences, and learning through touch, sight, smell, and curiosity. By setting up learning areas with loose materials, and having teachers close by to observe or answer questions, the children can let their imaginations run free. As teachers, we listen for cheerful little conversations on the new flowers that they observe coming up, or how the moth’s colors blend in to the color of the wood that it just landed on. These conversations and experiences create children who are eager to learn more about their world.

A feature that wasn’t included in our playground when it was first built,. was a water feature. So we are currently working on safe water areas to add for the children, like dry river beds, or pumps that can run water through our dirt area. The possibilities are endless, as long as we as adults, let our imaginations run free too. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful learning environment for our children to explore and enjoy.