Annie’s Ark, Inc.

At Annie’s Ark outdoor nature play has always been a priority. We are outside every day in all kinds of weather!

The children love collecting leaves, sticks, dandelions, etc. to create soups and cupcakes in the mud kitchen. Tree branches and pine cones are wonderful in the sandbox and washing rocks in the water table is a favorite past time. We have a large mound of dirt that has wildflowers and small trees growing on it with paths the children have created. They call it “Magic Mountain” and have all kinds of creative adventures on it!

We have trees for climbing and hammocks for relaxing in while reading a book or listening to the birds and squirrels chatter and chirp. We have open spaces for laying in the grass watching clouds go by on a beautiful spring or summer day, rolling snowballs to build a snowman or making snow angels in the winter or raking leaves into piles for jumping in in the fall. Our outdoor classroom offers endless opportunities for exploration and learning! The staff and children alike cannot get enough of it!