Annie’s Ark, Inc.

Our program continues to grow and flourish during this unprecedented time! Our children spend their days discovering insects, harvesting wild raspberries and soaking up all of nature’s goodness! We don’t let the weather deter us!

Winter snow finds us sledding, snow sculpting and painting the snow with colored water! Rainy days are perfect for putting on our wellies and jumping in puddles! After the rain, our messy area (also known as our “Mud Kitchen”) becomes a cupcake factory and our sand box is perfect for digging and making sand castles. Hot, sunny days find us cooling off in the water tables where we experiment with water flow, sinking and floating and have lots of great conversations! We also enjoy dressing up, building obstacle courses with tree cookies, boards and stumps, or creating art from leaves, sticks and dandelions. Every day is the perfect day for exploring, learning and growing outside – no matter the weather!