The Nature Explore Classroom at

Annie’s Ark, Inc.

Annie’s Ark Nature Explore Classroom covers an acre of trees, grass, gardens and creative play spaces. Stepping out the back door, one parent exclaimed, “This is like my backyard when I was a kid!”


One of the highlights of this big backyard is Magic Mountain. Twelve years ago we had three tons of topsoil dumped in the parking lot by the side fence and the children and staff moved it bucket by bucket. That “mountain” has evolved into a hill of wonder where children can conquer the world as they climb, wind through the paths and sit under willow trees.

We are privileged to have staff and parents who work at maintaining our Nature Explore Classroom and help us progress. J & A Farm Market and Grzendas Market have supported us in our outside endeavor by supplying shrubs and perennials to enhance the area. Parents have donated wind chimes, cut tree cookies and built areas to hold shade covers. Our yearly Earth Day is well attended by the families and is evidence of how much they value this natural play space.

The preschool garden yields cherry tomatoes, green beans and even broccoli. On the other side of the yard near our Reading and Relaxation area is the herb garden with spearmint, chives and thyme. Also, this area is a working garden where the children can practice digging, planting and pulling weeds.

Art happens in a special Nature Art Area. However, creative painting happens all around the yard when the children paint fences and trees in bright washable paints that wash off in the rain providing a clean canvas for another day.

Annie’s Ark Nature Explore Classroom is truly a throwback to “my big backyard.”




23 North Street
Livonia, NY  14487