The Nature Explore Classroom at

Apple Creek Preschool

Apple Creek Private Preschool is a NAEYC accredited preschool, opened by our owner Tammie Williams in 2004 providing quality preschool set in a fun, comforting environment since day one.

Our new certified Outdoor Nature Classroom adds a new element to our curriculum offering more opportunities for children to learn and explore. Anything students can learn inside can also be learned outside and we have over 4,000 sq feet which will be put to good use.

Our design planning was a collaborative effort between staff members, a Nature Explore representative, community involvement including the garden club in our area and other community volunteers with expertise. From the initial vision of what our outdoor classroom COULD be to the inception of what it IS, one thing remained…our desire to offer a safe environment for our students to build, climb, explore, balance, crawl, investigate, design, interact, run, play, observe, listen and learn in a natural setting where their body movements as well as artistic expression can be bigger. Our hope is for our students to gain more respect for nature as they smell the flowers, water the trees, observe the birds and dance with the butterflies. We understand the importance of being outside and want to offer those experiences for children who might not otherwise spend time outdoors.

Our classroom has a clean, calm, natural look that is very inviting. Our mission to connect others to nature is enhanced by our outdoor classroom. We are happy to be a part of Nature Explore and support the healthy development of the whole child for our students. Our outdoor classroom will be another factor in reducing the use of technology and teaching children to un plug as a means of fun. We believe our students will feel empowered to make choices, it will decrease conflict and help them to focus.

Our outdoor classroom will consist of 13 designated areas with signs: Entry, Climbing, Garden, Gathering, Pathways and Nooks, Building, Nature Art, Science, Open Space, Music and Movement, Messy Materials, Dirt Digging, and Sand. The signs will provide clarity to children as they explore. Families who have contributed to the funding of the outdoor classroom have their names displayed on signs and bricks. Our outdoor classroom will be a work in progress for years to come with new activities and natural elements added. The care and upkeep of our space will be in part staff, students and families who volunteer. We want our outdoor classroom to be a model for others of the importance of taking learning outside!


7797 Stonebrook Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034