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Grounded in over a decade of research and field-testing, the Nature Explore Classroom Certification Program is a national initiative sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Foundation in collaboration with environmental, educational, design and health organizations.


Why Certify?

When you become a Certified Nature Explore Classroom, you will receive:


Certification Requirements Include:

1) Well-designed outdoor space — Provide evidence that principles from the Learning with Nature Idea Book were used in the design of new spaces, or the redesign of existing spaces. For renewal, provide evidence of annual maintenance.

2) Staff development — Provide evidence that staff have attended a full-length Nature Explore Workshop. For renewal, provide evidence of annual professional development relating to nature education.

3) Family involvement — Provide evidence that activities or materials designed to increase family awareness and involvement in nature education for young children are provided regularly.


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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 402-873-8709


Nature Explore Outreach Coordinator
2700 Sylvan Road
P.O. Box 817
Nebraska City, NE 68410


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