Ascension Lutheran School

Ascension Lutheran School has been Nature Explore certified since 2019. Since becoming certified, the school has really blossomed into a place where children can learn and play outdoors all year round in a way that both stimulates their creativity, as well as spark their curiosity for all things Nature.

Our outdoor space is divided into areas of play; we have a creative space for kitchen tinkering and art, a sand/soil area for digging, a stage for musical instrument playing – which often turn into musicals (in fact just this week, several 2nd graders decided to make up a play with musical accompaniment on the stage), and a log area with a newly added see-saw plank and log chairs where the students can build teepees out of logs, or whatever they want to create. Every day is something new.

We also have renewed our supply of long colorful scarves and butterfly wings, as well as added a supply of natural tinker toys like pinecones and sticks of bamboo. Our new tree log chairs and see-saw plank were kindly donated by a parent, a very welcome addition to our current set-up. New plants have been added to the space with a focus on sustainable, native species that attract local pollinators. These additions help reinforce to the students the importance of native plants to local wildlife, and a key point in our message to help take care of the environment.

Our composting program is another priority for our school. We believe in teaching our students to be good stewards of this earth, help keep it clean, reduce food waste and foster a love of Nature. All the families that choose to send their children to our school believe in and support our commitment to Nature, as they share our passion for integrating student learning with the outdoors, in addition to traditional classroom learning.