Aunt Shelley’s Daycare

Every year I so look forward to planting season. Our outdoor classroom changes so much in the spring. We plant our garden, lots of flowers, and reseed where it is needed. It is something we do with the children, planning what is important to us this year.

Last year this included pumpkins. We grew pumpkins for the first time. Each child got to grow, pick, and take home a pumpkin. They loved that. We also did lots of onion pulling. The children get very excited every time we have plants to harvest.

This year we added many new items. We added a paint wall which has a place to store paint. We also added a weaving station in our art area and a new sort table and a chalkboard. My favorite item we added this year was a tool bench with real tools in our messy materials area. Children still are loving the digging site. They love digging holes. I laughed when I found them in the winter digging for bugs. They decided all the bugs moved to the underground.