Bailey Arboretum



The Children’s Habitat (Certified Nature Explore Classroom) at Bailey Arboretum is used 7 days a week, year round. It is the first Nature Explore Classroom in New York State to be located within a level II Arboretum and continues to be the most visited area of the Arboretum.

Our Habitat enjoys visits from Boces, homeschooled children, senior citizen centers, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. They attend special programs that include introductions to nature, gardening and conservation. The budget for the Habitat is a primary component of the funding for the Arboretum. This year the Habitat has enjoyed a renovation making it even more popular.

A recognized dwarf evergreen collection surrounds the Habitat. This provides a unique experience for visitors to observe and learn about different varieties of evergreens throughout the year. The evergreen collection and other plantings are pruned and replaced as needed. Our Greenhouse, within close proximity to the Habitat, provides an area for interior displays of plant material.

The Habitat hosts many children’s events including Family Day, an Easter Egg Hunt, summer children nature programs, and Fall activities. Our Nature Explore Classroom is the perfect location for children’s parties. Monthly Nature Walks provide an opportunity for children, adults, and dogs on leashes to enjoy the Habitat and Arboretum.

These events introduce the Habitat to hundreds of children and their families each year.