The Nature Explore Classroom at

Belton Education Station

Belton Education Station is an established child care center and preschool. BES has been a part of the Central Texas community since 1998.

As a part of a major site renovation, we committed a portion of our renovation money to create a “Natural Playground”. We received a site visit and site plan from the Nature Explore program and tried to follow the site plan as quickly as possible. We have achieved our goal. The playground is a work of art! We have all the required play areas and added a few extra areas.

As parents and families tour the facility, you hear comments such as, “Wow, it looks like a park!” The playground is impressive! We also have partnered with The Master Gardener chapter in our county to help us sustain our garden area.

The most positive aspect of the playground is that children spread out to play. They are not all congregating in one area, or on one piece of equipment. The children naturally spread themselves out according to their interests. There so many options! The area is warm, inviting, and interesting to the children! It feels like play should be!

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504 Lake Road
Belton, TX  76513