Brooklyn Early Education Center

Brooklyn Early Education Center has immersed itself with our Nature Explore Program through the rich engagement that our students and staff have had for over 12 years. Our families have formed lifelong connections which keep generations of families invested in our program. These engagements are what keep our staff motivated and supportive throughout our time.

Our parent Mayra L. mentioned that “it’s an amazing experience that will stay with them forever and play a part in them loving nature as they get older.” Parents also appreciate the importance of our program like Sharon P. who says her child “engages and learns about nature and the importance and impact it has on their lives.” Our staff values the importance of providing an educational experience for our young learners.

Families value those moments such as Itse O. who shared the joy she feels witnessing her son’s “learning experience beyond the traditional classroom setting.” We hope to continue to grow the love for the Nature Explore Program in the years to come as we create new memories and add to old for all our families.