CA Montessori Children’s Center



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The CA Montessori Children’s Center is so fortunate to have multiple outdoor spaces that are developmentally appropriate for all of the infants, toddlers, preschool and kindergarten children in our program. Our center is open year round, so we use our outdoor play spaces daily, each season and throughout the year. We use these spaces to play and learn; as they’re a natural extension to our indoor Montessori classrooms.

The children observe changes and interact with nature and participate in seasonal activities. For instance, in the Spring, the children may observe and learn about local birds or insects and engage in planting. During the Summer, the children tend to the gardens, while learning about plant life cycles and participate in water play. In the Fall, the children collect leaves, seeds and learn about how nature prepares for Winter. In Winter, the children may learn about snow and then build a snow person and go sledding. The creative possibilities for learning and fun are endless!