The Nature Explore Classroom at

Calvary Chapel Preschool-ABBA’s Garden

Calvary Chapel Preschool is proud of its Outdoor Classroom which we lovingly refer to as Abba’s Garden.

The children look forward to visiting the outdoor classroom on a daily basis. Abba’s allows the children to discover the wonders of nature through planting vegetables, digging in dirt, building with logs, and using their critical thinking skills in our STEM playhouse. It is the perfect environment to have students use the social-emotional skills they are learning in their classrooms in an environment where individuality is emphasized and tolerance and self-regulation is necessary for collaboration with other students.

It is welcoming to host our Back-to-School Picnic and Family Legacy Day where parents and friends join us in using our outdoor environment to meet, eat, and create memorable experiences in a natural setting. Our school is located in the heart of Orange County and “having a natural environment for my child to explore nature and the preservation of our environment”, are comments frequently shared by our parents.

We use our garden and our playground outside of our garden as a fundraising area when we have our trike-a-thon. ABBA’S Garden is used for the Toddlers during this event and the blacktop area is used for the preschool and kindergarten to ride their bikes. Afterward, a raffle is held to raise money for the improvement and needs of the garden.

In the future, we would like to incorporate more areas for climbing and to enlarge our garden and quiet area.


3800 S. Fairview
Santa Ana, CA  92704