Cane Creek Community Gardens

Cane Creek Community Garden staff worked with volunteer leaders and Auburn University landscape design students to create an outdoor classroom along the bank of Cane Creek at the former Ft. McClellan.

With a unique habitat, names were given to areas that reflect the surroundings of the site. These include a Creekside Trail, Tropical Demonstration Area, Barns, Woods Water Quality, Greenhouse, Lifetime and Bat Houses. Cane Creek is included in a protected gray bat habitat.

Buildings at Cane Creek were constructed in the 1940’s and have been restored or partially restored to keep the original feel of the site. Most of the work has been conducted by volunteers.

The Cane Creek team thought that natural beauty was best and highlighted natural elements and softened some man-made elements like fencing. Some of the classroom items are recyclable. Logs for sitting, climbing and rolling may be returned into the landscape when worn out.

For 12 years now, Cane Creek has hosted the Earth Day Field Trip Event. This year, approximately 1,000 students, parents and teachers enjoyed the site over a two-day period. Cane Creek will be the host to many summer day camps and the County’s Fall Fest, held in September.

Cane Creek now becomes a component of the Cane Creek Sustainability Center with the Community Garden added as another component along with Legacy Wildlife Room.