Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Our outdoor classroom is a vital and vibrant part of our community here at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. It is used week in and week out to enhance the learning experience of almost every student on our campus.

Not only do our Montessori and Primary students use it regularly, our Junior high students use it as well to study nature periodically in their science classes. It is used both educationally and recreationally. In the recent past, our faculty and staff have even used it to practice relaxation techniques through yoga with a professional instructor as a way to wind down after a week of fervent teaching and learning.

Everyone that comes on campus and sees our outdoor classroom expresses appreciation for its beauty and functionality. Our maintenance team does a superb job of maintaining and grooming the area to its greatest potential on a weekly basis. We are constantly tending to it, fixing what needs to be fixed, and making sure it is always a thriving environment.