CEDARS Northbridge
Early Childhood Development Center


Many of the children at Northbridge ECDC are considered at-risk, with the major contributing factor to the at-risk status being poverty. CEDARS reports that approximately 80% of the children we serve receive subsidies based on income. Poverty also negatively impacts homeownership, and in turn, outdoor experiences. Nearly all of our clients live in apartments with very little green space, so most children are without their own yard to play in and explore. Though there is a city park within walking distance, CEDARS’ staff reports they cannot always utilize the park due to safety concerns. This lack of opportunity for outdoor learning and play, coupled with high rates of poverty, are putting these children at a disadvantage academically, socially, and emotionally, significantly lowering their chances of a successful future.

Future Plans: We recently received a grant through Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha that is allowing us to partner with Community Crops to bring even more opportunities and curriculum into our Nature Explore Classroom. This initiative is called “Growing Healthy”.