Child Saving Institute

Child Saving Institute would like to thank all of the volunteers that have helped create and sustain our Nature Explore classroom through the years! We certainly could not maintain the space and character without the help!

In 2017, our leadership team began the process of brainstorming creative updates to our Nature Explore Classroom. Coming in 2018, we will be developing a climbing structure on our hill in the middle of our outdoor space. This climbing structure will include a slide (or two) and will hopefully be partially built into the existing hill to make it more natural. We are looking at using not only wood for this platform/structure but perhaps utilizing tires or wooden planks as stepping stones up to the slide platform. We are also hoping to develop a building area that would include a construction theme with trucks and a variety of materials for children to build.

These ideas were developed by watching the children’s play habits in the outdoor space and by using spaces in our outdoor classroom that are not currently attracting attention. We feel that developing our space over time, based on the child’s direction is the best course of action in maintaining the character and success of our space!