Children’s Learning Center-Pinedale

The Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom at the Children’s Learning Center is a beautiful place of tranquility where children of all developmental levels can learn and explore nature at their own pace.

With a vast array of open-ended and physical activities children expand their learning through quality outdoor play, learn to take risks, build confidence, and vital social skills.

One of the best parts of the Nature Explore experience is the leadership you see in children who would otherwise take a more passive role in the classroom. Children who struggle with language and other skills have the freedom, without the pressures of a structured environment, to try new and exciting things. The abundance of choices available in the outdoor classroom lets children be in control of their decisions, which builds a sense of autonomy and independence that all children need to feel successful.

In addition to all the benefits of outdoor play children can experience sensory discovery with the different textures, sights, and sounds that nature provides. The climbing stumps, logs, and paths encourage balance and body awareness, which also promotes large motor development. The sensory play that nature gives children encourages more complex thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Nature Explore experience provides an engaging, challenging yet peaceful area that engages the whole child. It is a place where children can breathe, decompress, challenge themselves and most importantly play.
Kat Wolaver – Lead Teacher