Christian Military Academy
Head Start


Our Program is distinguished by the implementation of education in natural environments and the development of activities abroad. Our participants frequently visit the natural room together with their educators and caregivers to explore, experiment and develop their learning skills through play each week.

The participants of our Program in their visits to the natural room sow, plant trees, read outside, check with branches, perform gross motor activities, and explore textures such as sand, water, mud, and earth, among many other activities. Teaching in the natural classroom has been so meaningful to students and their educators that outdoor experiences have become favorites for boys and girls in the Christian Military Academy Head Start and Early Head Start Program.

After receiving the certification of “Nature Explore” outdoor classroom, we decided to expand the natural areas to impact more participants and families. The new natural rooms seek to increase the capacity of participants, family members and the community in outdoor areas. In these spaces, the participants, families and the community carry out activities that promote contact with nature, socio-emotional development, obtain sensory experiences and enrich the brain.

The Family and Community Nature Club is the group of parents and community that care for, maintain and beautify the nature room. The Club sows vegetables and fruits to later collect and make sales. Crop sales are made in the surroundings of the natural room to the neighbors and employees of the program. The money collected is used to purchase seeds, fertilizers, and tools to continue the sowing cycle. Volunteers who visit our natural room receive occupational well-being and physical activity, these are some of the benefits that nature gives them and they commit to return every week.

I am the father of Alejandro who participates in the Head Start program in room seven of the Christian Military Academy Head Start Program. I want to share my experience in the nature club and the garden of the nature room. From the first day I began to recognize the teaching that working as a team with the other members gives us and helping each other. To have communication and coordination at each stage of planting. To receive instructions, execute them, to be able to apply all this in life, recognizing that a well-cared for and protected seed It will give us good fruit. Today, thanks to the natural room and its leader, Mrs. Eva, I have an additional tool in my life to understand that if I apply everything I have learned to my son’s seed, I will undoubtedly obtain great fruit full of love. Thank youEdwin Grillasca and father of Alejandro

The efforts to keep the areas clean, green and available are mostly attributed to the family and community nature club that meet once a week. On the other hand, the maintenance team helps us with the lawn mowing and weeding. The work team has developed a culture of love for nature and sharing with others the benefits that we have received in our program with our natural room, this has allowed the opportunity to offer workshops and guidance to other programs on the creation of spaces in our country and can be implemented in their spaces BECAUSE NATURE IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE.