Circulo de Amigos Child Care Center

Our purpose and mission are to offer a high-quality, state-of-the-art childcare center with a home-like atmosphere in which children practice rich and meaningful learning experiences through connections between nature and the child. Our Spanish immersion program helps children be successful in our increasingly multicultural society.

We base our philosophy on universal values focuses on inclusiveness towards all families and cultures. To this end, we stress the values of hospitality, resilience, reciprocity, trust, civility, forgiveness, generosity, respect, courage and love. We believe children need a value-based education that embraces diversity to strengthen them as human beings since these are the means through which they will reach harmony, balance and happiness in life.

Social Responsibility as educators, we seek to promote diversity, awareness, and acceptance while simultaneously fostering freedom of expression and compassion. Children need to learn to not only be responsible for themselves, but also for others and the environment. The development of social consciousness can help children discover who they are as individuals, what abilities they possess, and what part they can play in a multifaceted world, by drawing upon their strengths.