Cornell Cooperative Extension
Suffolk County Farm
and Education Center



This year the farm has seen some major changes. When visitors come to the farm they are asked to sign into our newly renovated Visitor Center and then directed to walk down the new Sensory Walk, which leads them directly into the Nature Explore Classroom.

Along the path they pass “The Friendship” a large wooden play boat where they can run up the gangplank, slide down a pole, climb a ladder or zoom down the slide. Behind it is a sand dune for building sand castles and digging for treasure. They can walk over a small bridge with different textures on either side to walk on, large rocks, small rocks, a grassy patch and a bumpy metal plate.

They can crawl through or walk over a log, step on Turtle Stepping stones, walk across a log beam or through a tunnel of tall grass and end up at a giant bee they can ride. The path is lined by native shrubs on one side and a small wooded acres on the other. A row of fruit trees is beyond the giant bee. The surrounding trees are filled with wind chimes that blow in the breeze.