The Nature Explore Classroom at

Creative Imagination Schoolhouse

Creative Imagination Schoolhouse started its journey with the intention to offer a space where learning happens through curiosity, engagement and extensions from play-based and hands-on learning opportunities. We believe that children learn best when they lead the learning and they are challenged to think outside the box.

Our learning environment is curated according to children’s interests and developmental stages. Each setups are designed to stimulate young minds and invite them to use all of their senses to experience a holistic approach in understanding themselves, others and the world around them. The different learning areas in our program from indoors to outdoors offer an invitation to observe, touch, imagine and create.

In all that we do, we put the children first! Our goal is to bring out the heart of the child by celebrating them and their accomplishments. We do this by creating a learning environment that offers a multitude of opportunities to do hands-on learning, open exploration, building and creations. The children are encouraged to be curious and to experiment with their play to get more engaged, more interested and delve deeper into their questioning and problem-solving skills. We use natural materials to highlight the importance of natural learning and to learn how to not just use them but also care for them and the whole learning environment.