Epiphany Catholic School

In the last year, our students and staff have enjoyed our Outdoor Classroom. Since we are post-Covid, more than one class is able to use the space at a time. Students from different classes are able to explore and collaborate together; a sight for sore eyes! Preschoolers found bugs, collected acorns, put on musical “performances” on the stage, and worked together to build all kinds of things in the messy materials area.

This spring, our school’s Cub Scouts group began removing leaves as their service project. Cub Scouts and their families spent time raking and collecting fall leaves from the perimeter of our space. This effort was finished by 7th and 8th grade students during their “service” time built into the school day. Preschoolers enjoyed pulling weeds and really getting their hands dirty to help! Preschool staff members took time out of their day to help spread new mulch throughout the space. Our school community came together to make sure our space stays beautiful.

At the end of our school year, we had an all preschool Outdoor Classroom Play Day. We encouraged families to join with their students and other families as we celebrated a successful school year in our nature-rich Outdoor Classroom. Parents joined their preschoolers digging in the dirt, playing musical instruments on the stage, doing a nature scavenger hunt, and enjoying snack together as one whole preschool family.