The Nature Explore Classroom at

ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum

The ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum’s outdoor classroom journey began in 2015 with the opening of Discovery Corner. After 7 wonderful years of nature play, Discovery Corner was closed to make room for a 19,000 square foot expansion. However, knowing that vital role that outdoor spaces play in children’s wellbeing and development, the museum purchased green space directly adjacent to our building to begin construction on Nature’s Classroom, a brand-new outdoor classroom space.

Nature’s Classroom boasts several colorful planters full of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, an iconic paintable Volkswagen Beetle that tells the stories of our many visitors through art, a serene water feature encouraging scientific exploration, a melodious music and movement area to inspire creativity in kids of all ages, a building area to support imaginative minds, a peaceful reading area with nature based stories and a handicapped accessible gathering space to unwind after a busy day of nature play.

Ashley Maas, Director of Education states, “Having an accessible green space in the heart of our city is a huge asset to the community we serve. Children from all backgrounds have the opportunity to play together in unscripted ways in a setting that supports learning across the board.”




420 French St.
Erie, PA 16507