Finney County Public Library

We opened our doors to the Nature Explore classroom on October 26th 2013. The classroom features an entry arbor, gathering circle, gardening area, building blocks and a secret pathway. We also have a water wall and lazy river that children can paint on and send corks floating down. There are plenty of places to snuggle up with a book and put your toes in the grass. I was giving a tour to a local school and several of the childen have stated that our nature explore classroom is the prettiest place in town.

Our space is often asked to be used for senior pictures and family photos. They love the natural backgrounds and flowers. It is used for almost all of our big events during summer reading and other big events through out the year.

Our Nature explore classroom sees so many people in and out of its door that we can hardly keep count. Our center is taken care of by a local garden center that comes and cleans up and prunes twice a week.