First Lutheran Church

6th Year Ribbon

Educational opportunities to learn about nature have continued this year with presentations on Raptors to Recovery this fall and water use and quality during creation care week this spring. 

RC2016_68506_First Lutheran Church 01

Families learned about the raptor recovery program, owl habitats, and owl characteristics with a live owl presentation.  Daily programs for students during Creation Care week by the Creation Care team were designed to teach children about water, water conservation, and water quality.  Students helped plant seeds in the hay bale garden and also in the garden box.

Additions to our space this fall, included a music wall where children could experience sounds of various size metal pipes, bucket drums, and metal pots and pans.  Another favorite addition was the mud kitchen full of opportunities for tactile and nature experiences.  The outdoor space was used for playgroup picnics in the fall allowing families to experience the space and incorporate ideas into their yards at home.