First Lutheran Preschool

First Lutheran Preschool continues to use its Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom on a daily basis. Situated in a wooded area on church property, the space provides endless opportunities for authentic learning experiences.

Children can be seen counting acorns, comparing and categorizing plants and leaves, mixing pretend soups and stews, balancing, running and climbing on logs, and hiding in forts made of forsythia bushes. Our digging circle provides space to develop fine and large motor strength, where children tirelessly dig and sift through the dirt to find burried treasures. We have learned about some of the wildlife that shares our space, including numerous birds, deer, fox, and squirrels.

This year we were the proud recipients of a plexiglass easel built by one of our alumni who chose us for his Eagle Scout project. Collaboration and creativity thrive with the help of nurturing people, and we are grateful to all of those who have contributed in some way to our outdoor space.