First School



Several classes went to the trickling creek to listen to the sounds of water. They watched how water flows over the different stones and the length of time it takes to get to the bottom. The classroom conducted a study on liquids/solids so the children put water in a container and set it outside to freeze. They kept checking the different stages of water from a liquid to a solid form and were so excited to see the different stages.

We will be putting down new fiber mulch in our four play centers and adding new sand into the sandpit. The students play in the sand with their shoes off, feeling the sand between their toes and on their feet.  They explore the different temperatures and play with sand toys such as dinosaur molds, egg molds, and sand tools. The children love pouring and scooping in the sand and building castles. This helps fine and large motor development.

We left the trunk and large limbs of a dead tree to attach sun shades. This helps cut down on the hot sun rays and allows the children to enjoy the climbing area and swing. It is relaxing and the wind blows, cooling them off.  

To celebrate Memorial Day, we take the children to the historic Lincoln site on our property and read the informational plaque. We carry flags of the world and talk about our soldiers who fought to keep us safe. The children realize that this is the time when families put flowers on graves to recognize their sacrifice.

During the spring, we have a compost pile in our garden area where we put dead plants, grass clippings, and weeds. The children participate in planting seeds and watering the garden. During this time every year, we have a lesson about recycling, collecting rainwater and different materials that can be put into our compost bin. We also go outside and have discussions on how to keep our nature space safe by checking all the areas and making repairs if we needed. We continue to let children play in our Nature Explore areas when weather permits. Parents love coming to watch the children explore, express what they find, and how they expand language development and independence.