The Nature Explore Classroom at

Flance Early Learning Center
Infant and Toddler and PreK

Flance Early Learning Center is a non-profit located in St. Louis, MO. We pride ourselves in providing more than just childcare for our families by being a resource for our community to educate and nurture young children, support families, and strengthen the community.

Our outdoor classroom extends Flance’s inside learning outside. Additionally, it complements all the therapies (music, movement, art and play) offered to students. Flance predominantly serves a low-income community of color. Thus, the design of the outdoor classroom was done in a way that allows for all our children, staff, families, and community to utilize the space as well as feel represented when outside.

We have an open gate policy allowing any community friends to use our outdoor space outside of center hours. Not all the children who live in the St. Louis 63106 zip code have access to a safe space to play, so not only does Flance’s outdoor classroom allow them to play but also to learn.

Sustainability serves as a pillar for Flance, encompassing not only the environmental standpoint but also holistic life well-being. We believe that introducing sustainability to children from an early age establishes a foundation for them to make informed, healthy choices throughout their lives. These principles guide them in remembering when we take care of the planet, the planet takes care of us.


1908 O’Fallon St.
St. Louis, MO, 63106