Fredrickson Family
Early Childhood Center

Our outdoor classroom is a unique and beautiful space that was carefully designed to incorporate natural elements that are pleasing to the eye. The original concept plan, developed during the Nature Explore Design Consultation, was extended to create additional gated areas for toddlers and infants.

One of the most striking features of the outdoor classroom is the natural berms and landscape that are integrated throughout the space. The rocks and little creek bed are particularly inviting and provide a great opportunity to connect with nature. Children are encouraged to sit on a rock and stick their feet in the water on a warm day.

The wooden plaques, crafted by the woodworking teacher at the local high school, designate each of the areas and are mounted to posts that are cemented into galvanized buckets for easy movement. Ample storage enables the staff to move play items in and out daily.

The irrigation system takes care of the daily watering of plants, grass, and trees, while the children participate in simple gardening activities. This activity, called “campus beautification,” is loved by the children and helps to instill a sense of responsibility and pride in them.

Having a passionate and creative teaching team is key to our success. Our teachers are dedicated to providing a unique learning experience to our students and are always looking for new ways to incorporate nature into their teaching. They work hard to create engaging activities and lessons that help our students connect with the environment and learn in a fun and meaningful way. Their enthusiasm and energy are contagious and help to make our outdoor classroom a truly special place.

Families were very involved and excited to be part of the planning of the outdoor environment. Collections of items were donated and embedded in cement to create a unique and beautiful walkway for all to enjoy. The children were involved in designing patterns, animals, and other pictures in the cement. Parents and families are continually encouraged to bring in items that can be enjoyed in the different areas throughout the year.

Overall, our outdoor classroom is a testament to the power of nature and the importance of creating spaces that foster curiosity, creativity, and learning. We believe that this unique and beautiful space will continue to inspire and engage our students for years to come.