Fremont Parents’ Nursery School

Outdoor play is not just a recess from indoor activities; it’s a different kind of classroom. At FPNS we believe that outdoor play isn’t a seasonal luxury; it’s an anytime, all-weather learning opportunity that kids should have access to.

The benefits of letting children play outside are numerous:

• Physical Development: Climbing, jumping, running, and even just wandering, all contribute to muscular development, coordination, and cardiovascular health.

• Understanding Nature: An appreciation for nature is cultivated when children are allowed to immerse themselves in it. They learn about different species of plants, textures, the weather, and so much more.

• Stimulating Creativity: Nature is unpredictable, and this unpredictability can stimulate creativity. A fallen branch can become a magic wand, a horse, or even a makeshift see-saw!

“What I love most is, this is a certified Nature school and the parents make the school. It is the coolest thing ever! Especially if you want to be heavily involved in your childs early development activities. The parents are all so nice and there is a huge sense of belonging and community. I highly recommend this school if you want to nurture your children to become independent thinkers and risk takers. They benefit from culinary skills, gardening, play based learning, art without an end result (free to create), how to accept disappointment and positive – negative emotions.”- CM