Fremont Parents’ Nursery School



This year, the majority of our effort will be focused on improving our outdoor classroom. Our plan is to maximize the use of our side yard. This area can accommodate 3 activity spaces.

Digging Area-In this area, we are going to texture the soil. Mixing coarse sand, clay and silt to create better water retention and air circulation suitable and a lot more satisfying to dig.

Mud Kitchen Area-At the moment, our kitchen furniture sits on slightly sloped ground. We plan to even this area and the rest of the open ground to help the area become more inviting.

Obstacles Area-this area will focus on vestibular learning. We are going to install a wooden balance beam and stepping stumps. We will adjust the current direction of the stepping stones already there.

Sustainable Edible Garden-Our plan is to create a more accessible space for children to plant more seasonal fruits and vegetables. The other goal for the garden is to come up with a reasonable task that our school can hjandle in order to maintain it.

Sound Wall-On our back fence we will install a wall of musical instruments consisting of recycled household items.