The Nature Explore Classroom at

Friends Forever Learning Center, Inc.

Friends Forever Learning Center commits to providing an outdoor classroom for the children who attend their center so that they might all have the opportunity to use the natural world as a vital part of their learning.

For the past year and a half, this outdoor space has been transformed into a wonderful space where all may explore and find joy and pleasure each day. The overall design provides an aesthetically pleasing space for the children to explore and enjoy learning in the outdoors.

Located on a property consisting of 7 acres, there is always an abundance of natural materials on hand for enriching each of the areas. A variety of materials were added to incorporate color, texture and interest to the space. An animal area sparks many questions related to animals and how to care for them.

Friends Forever Learning Center feel that they are building a community of learners who are developing a sense of belonging while fine-tuning observation skills, they are learning how to care for each other and work together.

Newsletters are sent out regularly, containing information on the importance of good health and physical well-being. By providing the Nature Explore Families’ Club activities to each family, the center is encouraging families to enjoy the outdoors with their children.

Friends Forever Learning Center, Inc. believes that children do not get enough time outdoors to explore, and by incorporating the use of an outdoor classroom into their curriculum, the children will have a life-changing experience that will last them a lifetime.

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