George’s Jungle Child Care/Preschool

Each year I am amazed at how the children start to take control and want to interact in the areas. This year they planned and added a Mining area which included a crawl-through tunnel and real coal and gems with a few pieces of fake gold, an enchanted forest, a troll bridge, a lazy river, and a place to perform their music.

They help with all the planting of our garden, the herbs, flowers, and even help with the upkeep including weeds and grass. One of our parents built us two large wooden picnic tables. They take turns watering our flowers, our butterfly garden and making sure our bee station has water and fruit. This year we had tadpoles, butterflies, lady bugs and baby chicks. We have expanded our outdoor area twice. Next year we want to make a larger pond and add a tunnel. Its so exciting to watch their little imaginations go to work.