Gig Harbor Academy


The Great Pumpkin Roll
After exploring force and motion all month we took our pumpkins to the top hill and let them roll!!

What will happen…
Annika- It will crash 2 times.
Bryce- Roll
Norah- Mine will go fast.
Max- I like it when it goes splat.
Liam- It is going.
Ethan- It will roll.
Sean- It is going to crash and splat.
Grace- Mine will jump.
Keeva- Splat
Kennedy- It’s going to smash.
Maddy- Break apart
Scarlett- Splat
Cohen- Splat
Henry F.- Splat
Brooke- Splat
Camden- Splat on a rock.
Dylan- Splat, It is not going to splat.
Bastain- Split into two when it hits a rock.
Henry B.- Its going to hit a tree and splat.
Stevie- It will go splat.

What Happened …. It cracked so much times. Rolled fast. Mine just rolled. It made my name wet and came off. I said slow down pumpkin. It stopped. It kinda got a crack in it. It went from the top to the bottom. Mine rolled really high. Mine just rolled. It rolled and rolled. Mine was bouncing everywhere. Tumble, tumble bounce. It stopped. Mine rolled. My stem came off. It rolled and bumps came off. It bounced and snapped. Went fast. It bounced everywhere fast. It did not break. It went fast. Mine crack stem off.

Rutabaga Education Curriculum

In the Spring of 2019, PreK parents introduced GHA to a childhood friend, Kaitlin Mitchell, currently residing in
California. Kaitlin Mitchell, the author of the Rutabaga Education Curriculum, was kind enough to gift us the Spring Curriculum Guide. After using several lessons from the first book, Gig Harbor Academy purchased all four
seasonal guides to utilize in our multiage morning preschool classroom.

We are working on a combination of long-term projects related to outdoor education, math, earth science,
gardening and nutrition. We introduced several lesson plans from Rutabaga Education Curriculum that discuss
the nutrition value of differently colored foods and parents supported this particular lesson by providing creative
and colorful lunches for their children to discuss each day. As part of this curriculum, we reevaluated our
gardening space and utilized donated plants and seeds to talk about plant anatomy, growth, soil and worms.

Our Kindergarten student and her Father brought in organic chicken poop to enrich soil which gave us an opportunity to talk about enhancing soil with natural fertilizers as well as our compost. The children are regularly using vocabulary such as drainage, compost, recycle, and roots in their group discussions. The children participated in planting our clear view planters both in the Spring and Fall of 2019. Even some of our alumni offered to help!