The Nature Explore Classroom at

Gigi’z Little Helping Handz

Crafting a nurturing space where children feel safe to explore and express themselves freely is fundamental for their growth. Our outdoor classroom, designed with care and creativity, serves as a canvas for endless exploration, igniting the children’s imaginations. It’s a haven crafted with love, providing them the freedom to make choices and express their emotions without inhibition.

I’ve observed a beautiful shift in the children’s attitude toward outdoor activities. They’ve become more at ease and joyful, especially when connecting with nature, like observing insects.

As we built our garden, parents joined in, fostering connections with their children and rediscovering the wonders of nature. This process has empowered parents to encourage their kids to take risks and embrace nature’s beauty.

Our outdoor space seamlessly extends indoor lessons, enabling us to teach regardless of the weather. It’s broadened my horizons on classroom possibilities, allowing us to bring the outdoors inside without limits.

My home-based childcare environment echoes a superior version of a public park, granting children the freedom to explore and engage in various activities. I’m thrilled to spend entire days outside, knowing the children are learning and growing through these rich experiences.

In my view, education shouldn’t be confined within walls; it should embrace nature’s teachings. I aspire to set an example for fellow educators, illustrating the profound impact of outdoor experiences on a child’s development.

The collective effort of our community in creating this space is priceless. The genuine joy and excitement from the children affirm the immense value of this outdoor classroom, making every moment of hard work deeply rewarding.



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