The Nature Explore Classroom at

Green Beginning Community Preschool

Our story began in 2010, Green Beginning was conceived from a deep desire to respond to the needs of children and the planet. We believe children should have the opportunity to have large blocks of uninterrupted play and learning in outdoor settings. We believe that outdoor learning experiences offer unlimited cognitive and mindful engagement with nature while fostering planet stewardship.

When we first broke ground, we knew that we wanted to transform the outdoor space, which at the time was all concret and hot asphalt, into green spaces for children, parents and teachers to play, learn, explore and grow. Each corner at Green Beginning was mindfully created with children and nature in mind. We planted trees for shades that need little water to grow and organic fruit trees for chidlren to eat from them, we added natural materials throughout the areas, we have a permanent creek where children can pump water and play or just sit and relax.

Our gardens spaces offer chidlren an opportunity to learn about how living things grow and about the codependency and relationship between insects, humans, and other living organisms on Earth. In our vegetable beds, children learn how when they take care of of the crops, they also provide a source of nourishment for their bodies. In our butterfly garden, children help water the plants so that insects like butterflies and bees have a place to nourish their bodies to do their very important job as pollinators.

In addition of our green and natural spaces, we partner with our families, children and teachers to help keep our planet a little more clean by recycling and composting. We upcycle old tires and turn them into planters, compost our fruit and vegetable scraps to add organic materials to our growing gardens.

Our outdoor classroom reflects our program’s philosophy of connecting children to their communiy, the natural world and one another. In addition to the growing appreciation and respect for nature, our outdoor classroom fosters children’s independence and a love for learningconcepts that develop the whole child. In essence, is what we believe education should be about: joyful learning motivated by their individual curiosity and respect for the world.


3047 S Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034