Greenhouse Montessori

Our site continues to grow daily. We just moved and redesigned our digging space and added a new climbing structure. We continue to demonstrate sustainability to our students by replanting the gardens, using rain barrels, and trying projects like worm farms.

Our space surprises people with how focused it is to outdoor learning and the true emphasis we put on the importance of being outdoors for children as well as adults. We sell engraved bricks for our fundraiser, but I also put funds aside from tuition to make additions and improvements to the space.

Our space is a place for exploration in the nature yard with many large motor opportunities, cooperation, concentration, as well as an organized area for STEAM activities. We involve the children in creating these activities based on their interests, what we observe them doing, and even in the physical construction of making and putting things together.

We strive to follow the child as is the focus of the Montessori method. We understand child development and know the importance of strengthening the whole child; mind, body, and soul. We value the child’s love of learning and recognize that learning happens in a variety of ways and the connection to nature starts young.