Hamill Family Play Zoo, Brookfield Zoo
Managed by The Chicago Zoological Society

The following message was sent to us by a long-time member family and made us smile.

“We love the Hamill Family Play Zoo! Since we’ve had children, we spend most of our time at Brookfield Zoo in the Play Zoo. The play partners were our children’s first teachers – and our kids’ oldest memories are of Seedlings classes, where they were able to engage in nature play, exploring their surroundings and meeting animal visitors.

As they’ve grown, our kids have found different ways to play and interact with the exhibits in the Play Zoo’s back yard. When they were little, they loved to make noise, experimenting with the musical instruments – and now that they’re bigger, they enjoy building forts out of natural materials with their homeschool friends. And even though we have a garden at home, no trip to the Play Zoo is complete without watering the flowers and vegetables in the family garden area.”

Deven Amenda & Josh Muething