Hayes Arboretum

Hayes Arboretum is 466 acres of woodlands, meadows, swamps, and streams just waiting to be explored by eager students. Our 16 miles of hiking trails are an ideal outdoor laboratory providing students and families an unparalleled learning experience.

If you don’t want to travel the trails, the Nature Playscape is a perfect area to discover nature and play for your young ones. Located adjacent to the main parking lot and classroom building (Annex), this green space is designed with multiple features just on the edge of the forest. An amphitheater and two raised platforms were added to the natural features to allow for group gatherings. The cleared debris provides a natural perimeter to the play area, as well as native materials for exploring. Existing butterfly and herb gardens provide a fantastic interactive edge and sensory experience for visitors. Picnic tables and Adirondack chairs allow comfortable seating for adults. The newest addition – the Butterfly Cottage – allows for a quite space for reading, coloring, and activities.

Special thanks go to the Reid Health Community Benefit, Wayne County Community Foundation and Lowe’s Hero’s. All three groups awarded grants to support the Arboretum’s Outdoor Playscape, a family-friendly space with areas to explore, play, and connect with nature. The Playscape creates a destination to promote good health and fitness through outdoor activity while helping reduced screen time for children and families. Additional thanks to the many volunteers who assisted with construction, including the local Lowe’s Home Improvement staff and contractors.