Hill Elementary School

The Nature Explore Classroom at Hill Elementary is a beautiful space for exploration and learning.

The students at Hill use the space to connect to nature and to enjoy the space as they learn across the content areas. Hill is fortunate in that we have a large outdoor space which allows the classroom to be integrated into a larger outdoor setting for our students, family and community. The classroom offers space for relaxing, planting and exploring.

Each day our students use our outdoor classroom during recess and throughout the day. The space offers a unique place for students to interact with nature and each other. Our younger students plant seeds and watch them grow inside before being transplanted in the outdoor classroom. Students of all grades are able to participate in after-school clubs that meet in the outdoor classroom and focus on nature.

At Hill, we have had tremendous success in maintaining and further developing our Nature Explore Classroom through the collaborative efforts of our school staff and the PTA. So I would like to acknowledge all of the members of the PTA who spend their time in the collaborative endeavor. Additionally, the Boys Scouts have been a tremendous partner as they work hard each year to freshen up our space with new mulch and fresh trimmings!

I am so thankful that we have our Nature Explore Classroom at Hill Elementary!