Holy Cross Early Childhood Center

Our program is ever-evolving as we continually create natural learning experiences in an outdoor classroom that are as important as our indoor learning experiences.

We believe in challenging children in individual and developmentally appropriate ways. We reflect on “risk vs.rewards” as children try new things, get dirty and experiment with natural materials. Teachers also challenge their own feelings and take risks in the same manner.

We are blessed in NH with four seasons that become natural motivations to experience the gifts of nature. Life cycles are demonstrated with the change of each season. We’ve now had generations of birds in our bushes and trees as they nest, lay eggs and fly away.

Artistic expression is a plenty as we take advantage of the pine needles, cones and colorful leaves falling down. The ice and snow teach us to balance, dig and slide our bodies in new ways. Spring gives birth to our gardening, and we welcome back our worm friends. We love our perennials as they surprise us each year with sensory experiences with odors beautiful colors.

Holy Cross Early Childhood Center is on the perimeter of a large NH city. Families are grateful for our green grass, trees and natural surroundings. We are grateful to all the staff, families and community partners who support the program through donations and labor.

One family commented…”Our child is gaining skills, knowledge and a shared value of nature and learning throughout the year. I love how much fresh air all get everyday”