Home Sweet Home Child Care



We are so happy we already had a beautiful Nature Explore Classroom. This year has been different due to COVID-19 restrictions with our class sizes smaller. We spend more time outdoors for a safer healthy environment for our little explorers. Our little investigators have been busy discovering new natural things. They are experiencing going on bug hunts and learning that bugs are cool and make treats for the birds. they are taking walks in the rain and splashing in every puddle. Our toddlers are learning through their senses. We have done many nature-inspired sensory activities such as painting with dirt, making sensory nature bags, painting pine cones, and rainbow leaf prints.

Our little explorers engaged in a butterfly project. We watched caterpillars turn into butterflies and then carefully fed them apples and oranges. On the day that we released the butterflies, they sat on the back of the children’s hands for several seconds and we saw the children get a happy smile and big eyes. A wonderful way for toddlers to learn about taking care of insects, learning about the life cycle, and to also to be kind and gentle.

The Music Area has a new large wooden music wall and is beautiful! We would like to thank Matt for donating his time and carpentry skills.

Our outdoor classroom has provided many opportunities to develop creativity, imagination, and engage our curiosity. Every day is a new adventure our young explorers are learning and developing a love for being outdoors and enjoying nature.