The Nature Explore Classroom at

Honeypie Nature Playschool

Honeypie Nature Playschool has always strived to provide ample time outdoors and high-quality outdoor experiences and education to the children and families in our program.

In 2018, the journey to becoming Nature Explore Certified began, in hopes to expand and strengthen the mission of “Exploring, Learning, and Nurturing” indoors and out. After hours of research, continuing education, observation and documentation of the children and the function of space; the dream became a reality after completing the Nature Explore Certification Class. I was excited and eager to return to my program and put the finishing touches on our space. I am very proud of the amount of space offered in our outdoor classroom and the various areas and materials and the natural beauty of them that support the growth and development of the children.

The children and families were very involved throughout the process-from being educated about the Nature Explore program and Nature Explore Certification and the importance of outdoor play and education; to the process of becoming Nature Explore Certified and the impact it will have for our program and the children/families it serves.

I am very appreciative of our families for their understanding and patience of the journey to becoming certified and donations of materials for our outdoor classroom, from plants to various toys/materials for our outdoor space. The children were also involved to help plan what types of materials and equipment would be added to our space, our mud/dirt/water kitchen and messy materials areas became quick favorites. The children also particularly enjoy our “Climb, Crawl, Swing, Slide Zone” as well. The children also assisted in creating our gardens area. They were very excited to learn about gardening and experience it hands on-starting seeds indoors, transplanting them to the gardens, helping to label the plants and begin to care for them and watch as they grow. We are looking forward to adding fairy gardens to our space as well.

I am very proud of how everything came together and the beauty found throughout our space. I particularly enjoy the entrance and gardens area. Both areas offer a space for children and families to sit, relax, reflect and enjoy together. It has been an honor and pleasure to watch the children play and learn outdoors in such a beautiful space that reflects our mission of “Exploring, Learning and Nurturing”. I look forward to the opportunities we will have in our outdoor classroom through every seasonal change-year round. We already have a long-term project planned. We are hoping in the next year or so to expand our patio space to provide more shade and covered area for the children and families to play and learn in.

We have an open house planned for June 2019, where our outdoor classroom will be dedicated to the children and families of our program. I’m looking forward to the times our children and families will enjoy in this beautiful space we have created together and all the memories that will be made “Exploring, Learning and Nurturing”

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