Hurlburt Youth Center

Hurlburt Field Youth Center is home to Air Force Child and Youth Programs. School-Age Care provides childcare for military families that enjoy the wonders of the Nature Explore Classroom. Youth ages 5-12 participate in high-yield activities and unstructured play by using one of the ten areas.

Families and visitors are immediately amazed by the outdoor space when they step into our patio garden area. You then travel through our bamboo entry feature into the gross motor skills area. Along idea that area youth can choose to play in the movement and music area, climbing area (rock wall), sand area, building area, water area, gathering area, art area, and messy materials area.

The areas are constantly evolving and being updated each year. Improvements this year include transforming the patio area into a zen garden featuring a stone walkway, solar water feature, and dry river rock bed. As you walk through the garden you can hear different types of wind chimes as children walk by because they are located at child level for the children to interact with.

The entryway was updated this year as well with new bamboo poles that will serve as a climbing feature for different plants. The music and movement area have new instruments and benches to give an amphitheater feel to the area. Youth can host concerts and events for other youth and families. New tree stumps have been added to the building area to be arranged by youth to engineer all kinds of structures alongside the other building materials.

STEM materials are brought out into the environment for youth to explore and investigate the world around them by using identifying guides, magnifying glasses, and more. Future plans include updating the water area, art area, and messy materials area. The Nature Explore Classroom continues to be the highlight of the Hurlburt Field Youth Center, and a staple in our programming.