Indian Creek Nature Center




In 2018 we saw an incredible response to Hazelnut Hideaway, and anecdotal data showed many repeat visitors to the Nature Explore certified classroom. We saw several mom and parent groups hosting picnics and meet-ups on our patio (another free use of space we offer!), then continued their meeting time to explore, play, and learn in the classroom. It has been these instances that tell the story of the real reason we created Hazelnut Hideaway.

One mother wrote to us, saying: “My family personally loves the Nature Center. My kids were literally standing in the outdoor classroom, I had finished a day of Classical Conversations and needed a breather away from people and all the things our brains had been exposed to. While the space was just newly established, it was enough to send us the big picture. I wanted to be somewhere that my kids could develop a long-term appreciation for nature that wasn’t so polished and controlled. I wanted our family to actually use nature to learn. I want a place that becomes familiar to all of us. I want a place where we take the time to look and see what’s growing along the trail. Take the time to measure the mushrooms, see what types they are, are they edible and how they got there! It’s not supposed to be a box to check and get from point A to point B. If we only enter a trail and an hour later turn back around and leave without even stepping up the main hill, at least we’ve left with our cups filled and know a little more about mushrooms. It’s just another reason we’ve seen the Center add value to our own lives personally!”