It Takes A Village

Our Nature Explore Certified Classroom is an indispensable part of our program. Our mission as a preschool incorporates as many aspects from our outdoor space as our indoor space. At It Takes A Village, the two spaces are interchangeable, and exploration and learning are equal in both.

Our space is used every day, in all weather conditions. Learning doesn’t end when the sun takes a break. For most students, the day begins in the outdoor classroom. Parents drop their children off at the entrance. We find nature helps sooth students who may have difficulty with separation.
When in the outdoor classroom, you will often witness morning meetings, family style snack, dramatic play, building, art, music, gardening, and open play. This space is always changing to meet the needs and interests of the children, and to adapt to the season. We embrace each new season with eagerness to encourage a different type of learning and exploring.

Although the loose parts and garden are always changing, there are some staples that always remain and are added to. These include climbing structures, and swings. This year we were thrilled to add mud kitchens and Imagination Playground blocks. Each of these added elements has enhanced the space and encouraged imagination and language!

We continue to be students of our students and learn from what they need. We are grateful for the opportunity Nature Explore has provided us with and are determined to continue our education and the evolution of our Outdoor Classroom.