Jefferson Memorial Forest


The Nature Explore Classroom at Jefferson Memorial Forest has continued to be a family and kid favorite!


I am amazed every time how much fun they have in the NEC. We had another successful special event in the fall with hundreds of people attending.

I never get tired of seeing an older sibling having fun in the NEC with their younger sibling. Age does not seem to matter when it comes to nature play.

The mobile nature play unit that we received through a grant, continues to be successful! This is allowing us to travel from park to park to engage the public in nature play. We are offering Nature Play to neighborhoods that are underserved and have very little green space. The Nature Explore Classroom has been such an inspiration for us in so many ways.

We had to close our site during most of the past year. Once we were able to open back up, it was an awesome sound to hear kids laughing and enjoying themselves after such a tough year.